Why Detox?

In Ayurveda, the human being, is always considered on a whole some basis.  That is to say, the physical, mental and spritual well being is always calculated to ensure total well being.  So, toxins are always taken into account from both, body and mind. 

Everyday, we are collecting toxins both internally and externally.   Internally, we may not eat on time, so you have too much of hydrocholoric acid, or maybe sitting too long at a computer, forgoing your exercise and to top it off, munching on cookies or healthy snacks in replacement of a meal just to finish your task.   In a typical day, there is a pile up of toxins, and externally, we may be in a smokers area, so toxins can be piled up in various ways and we can’t do much to avoid.

Ama or  undigested food is a white sticky, foul smelling sustances that blocks arteries and capillaries.  Too much of toxins disrupts the body to carry out its functions and your body would be giving you signals such as pains, aches, unease and bloatness.   These string of symptoms are signalling to you that something is not right and when ignored becomes a condition.

So, check periodically if you do have a ama build up by asking yourself:

Is my breath slow and steady, deep and unrestricted? Do I experience thirst at regular intervals?Is my appetite keen? Is my waste (urine, stool and sweet) output normal? Do I feel active and energetic?Do I sleep well?   Is my sexual urge normal? Is my breath fresh are my teeth strong? Is my skin lustrous and supple? Do you have a white coated tongue?

These are indicators of ama built up.

As for mental ama built up, you can’t see it  but you can sense non-physiological ama.  You can feel it in the little irritations, anxieties that pile up in a typical day.

Ask yourself, are you happy at work? Do you have a stable family and a strong support system? Are you happy with your partner? Do you have strong relationship with co-workers and friends? Are you able to rest -both physically and mentally – adequate?  Do you handle difficult situations calmly? Do you spend enought time on leisure? Are you calm? Are you happy with yourself?