Our Neemshop Unique Herbal Hair Oil is 100% percent organic and natural.  Blended with 29 herbs and coming from India from a farm done with lots of care and authencity.  It is manually done by our family of herb brewers and it has many therapeutic value.  After application you will experience the MAGIC. Shining long lustrous hair  will stream from your scalp.    Soon you will see live videos from our customers!

Ingredients :   Neem leaves, Neem oil, hibiscus, amla, milk, curry leaf, vetiver, fenugreek, brahmi and many more.

Bottle of 200ml.  Apply hair oil on the scalp before shampooing.    You may use as 2 or 3 times as you shampoo.  Preferable after 10 am in the morning.  The oil has a strong herbal scent  so you can shampoo off twice.  Confirmed hair growth.


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