Arjuna Liquid


Traditional Rejuvenative and Tonic for the Heart*

• Supports proper function of the heart*
• Strengthens and tones the circulatory system*
• Supports healthy blood pressure already within the normal range*
• Maintains healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range*

In Ayurvedic medicine Arjuna is the foremost rejuvenative for the heart. It strengthens and tones the circulatory system and promotes proper function of the heart muscles.* Arjuna’s strengthening and toning actions help maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range.* It is also used to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and to support healthy coagulation.* Arjuna is traditionally used to promote emotional balance for those experiencing grief and sadness* It is said to mend a “broken heart” and to impart courage and strengthen the will.*


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