Ayurvedic Herbs


The taste of hing, is pungent and it is a heating herb.  The post digestive taste would be pungent, and the qualities are light, oily, penetrating.   It is excellent to pacify vata and Kapha doshas due to heating effect.  It may aggravate Pitta if taken in excessive amount.

Excellent  as a digestive aid, used to cleanse the channels of the body.  This Indian plant is the best natural digestive aid and is now easily found in most supermarkets.   Whenever you cook your lenthils, you could add a little piece of this gum or you could also put in a dash if it is in the powder form.  The hing is particulary useful in reducing the gas producing effect of lenthils or mung beans. Can be used for asthma and cough as it has channel clearing properties.


The taste of black pepper is pungent, having heating effect, and the post digestive effect would be pungent.  The properties of black pepper are light and penetrating.It pacifies vata and kapha and increases Pitta.

It is excellent for cleaning the digestive tract of undigested toxins, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and useful in skin disorders and fever.   Most ayurvedic herb formuations would have pepper as it acts as a bio-availablity enhancer.This property helps the other combined herbs to penetrate into the body for optimum results.

Black pepper is great for appetite loss and is a good digestive aid.    It digests fat and speeds up the metabolism. Black pepper stimulates the liver, clears congestion in the lungs, and channels of the body and is a powerful nervice tonic.


Ela has a pungent taste, and is cooling.  The post digestive effect is pungent and it is light and rough in nature.

Ela is used as a pain relief, especially for toothaches, wound healing and also as a digestive aid.

Tip:  Chewing a few ela seeds is natural way to quell nicotine cravings,  if you are giving up smoking!!

Use ela with caution if you suffer from ulcers, and other Pitta aggravated conditions.


This is a pungent, bitter sweet stick which has heating effect.   The posti digestive effect would be pungent, and it is light and dry.

It is used as a blood purifier, liver cleanser, analgesic and a deodorant.

Used as a mouth wash, it combats bad breath andhelps to keep the teeth healthy.  Cinnamon tea is great as a blood purifyer and liver cleanser.